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Math and the World Around You

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Here are a list of math terms that you may see and use when completing the activities on this site.

Addition-combing numbers to get a total


Sum-the result/answer you get when you combine (add) two numbers


Addends-the numbers added together in an addition problem


Zero-the absence of a number


Subtraction-the difference between two numbers


Difference-the result/answer of subtracting two numbers


Multiplication-adding a number to itself a certain number of times


Product-the result/answer you get when you multiply two numbers


Division-how many times a number can go into another number; breaking a number up into equal groups


Dividend-the number that is being broken up into groups (usually the bigger number)


Divisor-the number that identifies how much will be in each group (usually the smaller number)


Quotient-the result/answer you get when you divide two numbers

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