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Math and the World Around You

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Below are a list of terms and definitions of words used on this site that you may not know.

Pre-test-a test given to measure skills before a new lesson that can be compared with a test given at the end of the lesson


Assessment-a device that measures a person’s ability, achievement, behavior


Resources-a link/website that provides information to help you complete an activity


Discussion-to talk or write about a topic or issue with other people


Participation-involves coming to class prepared, completing activities, and posting responses to the discussion board


Rubric-a grading guide for written work


Throughout-in every part of


History-study or record of past events


Cultures-civilizations of people or period of time


Careers-jobs that people have


Professions-job requiring special study or school


Disciplines-areas of academics (math, language arts, social studies, science, etc.)