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Math and the World Around You

Connecting Math to Other Subjects

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Connecting Math to Other Subjects
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The Connection Between Math and The World Around Us

Connecting Math to Other Subjects Activity (worth 50 points):
You may not realize it but math is used in many other subjects such as science, social studies, art, and many others.  This activity will help you to see how math is used in different subjects. 
Choose one of the links below (or you can do a search on your own, there are web browser links in the Student Resources folder).  These links give you information or examples of how math is used in other subjects. 
Create an activity or exploration that shows how math is used in that particular subject.  The activity should include directions of how to complete the activity, as well as a short summary answering the following questions:
  • What subject did you choose that uses math?
  • What website did you visit?
  • What is the name of your activity?
  • How does this activity use math and the other subject?

This activity is worth 50 points.  Check out the rubric to see how this activity will be graded. (watch the Ben Cohen animation to see how math is used)
Student Resources (websites are broken up by different discipline areas)