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Math and the World Around You

Let's Get Started

Let's Get Started
A Day in History
Math At Work
Connecting Math to Other Subjects
Back to Basics
Teaching Guide

Before you begin, complete the Pre-test questionaire located under the Assessment button.  
The buttons on the left side are how you will get around this site.  You will use the buttons Communication, A Day in History, Math At Work, Connecting Math to Other Disciplines, Back to Basics to complete activities for credit in this class.  Each activity page explains how to complete the activity, the point value of the activity, and provides links to assist you in completing the activity.  Spend a few minutes exploring these links. 
The Glossary button will provide with a glossary of words and definitions used on this site and math terms.  If you come across a word and are not sure what it means, check the Glossary first, it will most likely be in there. 
The Resources button will provide you with tools that will help you to complete activites on this website.
The Assessment button has a link to the Pre-test and Post-test.  Once you have complete all of the activities, you will complete the Post-test.
The Teaching Guide is a resource for teachers that may use this site.
Spend some time exploring this website and figuring out where everything is. 
I hope you enjoy your experience!